Founded by master mechanic Ron Rogers.

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Ron Rogers:

When I was only 5-years-old my grandfather, Irving Brown, sparked my obsession with motorcycles. I spent many Sunday afternoons in the garage learning and watching him work on old 2-stroke engines. Got my first mini-bike at 9-years-old and was hooked. Once I got a Honda Z50 a few years later, I decided that if I was going to ride and own motorcycles, then I would learn how to repair them and keep them running. That was almost 50 years and over 30 motorcycles ago.  

My working career started in 1976 in the Air Force working on B52's and KC135's. In ‘77 I bought my first car, a worn out 69 Dodge Charger. The motor didn't even last one day before it spun a bearing, so it was time to learn car engines. Replaced it with a good running 383 while I built a proper 440/6. After that I was restoring muscle cars in my free time throughout my twenties, and trained to become an autobody technician after leaving the Air Force. I eventually became a licensed master mechanic.

I’ve spent these last 10 years working on Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s and Porsche race cars. Yet, after a long day at the shop, I would still find myself back in the garage at home working on a motorcycle. I find working on motorcycles so relaxing.

Now it's time to wind down and focus just on bikes. Today my passion remains vintage 2 strokes and vintage sleds. I've owned my share of 4 strokes but they tend not to stay in my garage for long.  I've owned and restored over 30 Japanese bikes. I’ve personally done all the repairs and service work on each and every bike, never taking any to a dealer. You can learn a lot in 40 plus years. In 2008, I restored my first Kawasaki triple, a 75 H1 500. What started as a rusty basket case, made it into Issue 22 of Cafe Racer Magazine.

No surprise, I’m excited to be working on bikes full time. I offer motorcycle repairs to full restorations and soon vintage sled service. Also providing pre-purchase inspections and consultations for vintage muscle cars and motorcycles. And soon offering vapor blasting of small parts. Please reach me with your questions or to get started.